How To Get Started With draftonce Document Assembly

Our #1 tip for getting started

Putting in place new technology for your business often becomes evening and weekend work. Biting off too much at the start can doom the effort. So, here’s our number one tip for geting started with draftonce (and most any new technology)—start small and add more over time.

Begin with just one or two of the templates you want to use; your highest use documents. Then use them. Don’t worry about adding more templates right away. Rather, use draftonce when you need to turn out those documents. Each time you do, you’ll be freeing up more time, which you can then use some of to add more templates and interviews to draftonce and save even more time.

You’ll find that the more you use draftonce, the more innovative ways you’ll find to build it into your business.

Public Access or Private Client Access

There are two approaches for letting your customers access interviews. The first is setting draftonce so that anyone can create their own account. Turn this on in the Preferences panel. When you do, the “Don’t have an account?” box appears on the User Login box.

The second approach is private access. Uncheck the Access Preference checkbox in the Preferences panel and create a new user for each client you want to have access. After entering their email and temporary password, click the checkbox indicating they are a Public User. This way they’ll only be able to access interview pages you’ve marked for Outside/Client Access.

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