Procurement – The Case for Document Automation

The Problem

The quality of many solicitations and contracts is amazingly poor. Bad writing, weak and contradictory terms, and sloppy formatting are too common in procurement documents; the result of years of ad-hoc edits, half-completed rewrite efforts and use of word processors to assemble the documents. Poor quality contracts and solicitations increase risk and price, lengthens procurement cycle time, and are a poor reflection on the business.

No one has the time to undertake such a massive rewriting effort. So, most organizations make due with what they have; confusing, inconsistent and costly procurement documents.

The Solution

The solution comes in two parts:

1. Draft new procurement templates
2. Use to author all documents

At Blue Burro, we do the heavy lifting. We’ve drafted and negotiated hundreds of utility contracts with nearly every major supplier. We use this experience to write new solicitation and contract templates, create new document formats, and work with your Procurement, General Counsel and operating units to ensure what we write works great. We are experts in taking samples of prior contracts and solicitations, and redrafting them into clean, highly readable, correct templates., our Cloud solution, provides a low-cost, secure, easily deployed, near zero-learning curve solution for authoring procurement documents.

The Approach

Using whatever documents you have as a starting point and combining it with our proprietary Reference Set and approach, each term is tailored to your specific needs. Our specialists pore through documents to create a base of understanding of your current terms, procurement types, contract forms and more. We present, in a series of in-person or online workshops, our recommendations and drafts regarding everything from number and scope of templates to detailed wording changes, contract drafting styles and risk analyses.

Schedule and People

Start to finish, we can redraft your procurement documents in a few weeks to a few months, including the time we spend with with you in reviews. Smaller scope assignments, including one-off solicitations and contracts, are often completed in just a few days. Your Blue Burro team consists of two Contract Specialist one taking the lead, and the other providing QA reviews, and a Configuration Specialist for setting up DraftOnce. The optimal client team consists of procurement leads in the areas of spend being addressed, general counsel and the head of procurement. As needed support from engineering, operations, IT, finance and risk is typical.

Simply the Best Document Authoring App

When creating a new document, it’s natural to take the path of least resistance. DraftOnce is that path. It’s a web application that has a “zero-learning curve” web interface for authoring contracts and solicitations. There’s nothing to install, it works in a browser, and has passed numerous security reviews. DraftOnce ensures compliant documents are always produced. Further, DraftOnce is an excellent knowledge management tool allowing new hires to be productive almost immediately.

Case Study

Read the case study on how DraftOnce was implemented at a large electric utility.