Observe Productively

Recording information on paper is unreliable and inefficient. Businesses cannot depend on this method of data collection anymore. Luckily, Canvas allows businesses to streamline and standardize the process of data collection in a way that allows each business to finely tune their process, and share it with the necessary parties in real-time.


Signature Capture

Tired of having to wait for a delivery before you can get on with your day? You can sign off on reports or authorize a package delivery from wherever you are by recording signatures on a mobile device. Canvas allows you to make your own schedule. 


Image Capture

Instead of slowly recording data by inputting it manually, you can quickly snap a photo of all the available information that automatically uploads to your company’s database. Canvas allows you to work smart, not hard. 



Instead of assigning each individual task to your employees in the field, you can make task assignment in Canvas, saving valuable time and money. Canvas allows you to delegate.


Upload a Database

You can import the data you’ve already collected and incorporate it into your Canvas platform applications so that you don’t have to start from scratch. Canvas allows you to start fresh, but not start over. 

Free your business from the constraints of pen and paper, expediting the process of data collection.


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