Google Apps for Work


Work Creatively

Productivity is no longer constrained to the office between 8 and 5. Building an environment where employees are most creative begins with giving them more freedom. Using these tools, businesses can allow its employees to work the way they’re most comfortable, and therefore, most productive.


Google Apps Includes


GMAIL The best email on the planet. Gmail will help you communicate better and work better than any other email platform.You can access your inbox from your phone or tablet, personalize your email domain giving your brand that extra professional touch, or organize your messages with customizable labels. 


CALENDAR You can seamlessly collaborate across all platforms with shareable calendars and agendas, glance at where employees are going to be so that you know whether it’s a good time to call, or simply keep track of your commitments so that you never miss another meeting. Calendar will help you stay on top.


DRIVE You can keep your vital files in one place that’s accessible from all devices, upload that presentation so that you don’t have to worry about losing your flash drive, or share access with your peers for collaborative creativity. Drive will help you stay organized.


DOCS, SLIDES, & SHEETS You can create, edit, and maintain virtually any kind of file in real time with other people, store them automatically in Google Drive, and access them from anywhere on your computer, phone or tablet. Sheets, Slides, and Docs will help you work anywhere.


HANGOUTS You can connect and collaborate with coworkers via text, video, or voice, customize groups to easily distribute memos to your employees, or even send a map of your location. Hangouts will keep you in the conversation.

Free your business from the constraints of the normal work environment, allowing your business to succeed wherever and whenever creativity happens.


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