Blue Burro at the ISBA Solo & Small Firm Conference

French Lick, IN – Attorneys gathered at the recent ISBA conference to share thoughts on a number of legal topics, to network, and to listen to speakers of varying backgrounds. In the exhibition hall, we found this group to be a collection of professionals, desperately needing an easy way to update their dusty old server system and eliminate the hassle of document assembly. 

Solo and small firm attorneys are talented, with the ability to run nearly every aspect of their business. But with that, comes a lot of extra work. We spoke with these individuals, listening to what they need and figuring out how we can help:

Secure Storage & Accessibility

“The Cloud” is a buzzword that often goes misunderstood, and we sensed most attorneys were hesitant to try it out. In reality, the cloud is the safest option. Files are stored, encrypted, and password protected, making a security breach much less likely than a hacker gaining access to your office server. Additionally, the cloud adds the convenience of enabling access to your documents on any device, wherever you are. 

Document Assembly

Large forms and contracts can be a hassle to create, review, and edit. We simplify this process with a tool we’ve created called draftonce. Simply create the document once or use an existing document, enable tags for keywords that may need to be changed in the future, and draftonce will form your contract for you, error-free. You can even make use of conditional statements that will insert or remove clauses based on your selections in the document assembly interview. Draftonce uses a quick question-and-answer format to generate any document your business requires.