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We bring innovation and savings to operations.

Spend Management

Blue Burro provides process management and consulting services to help companies develop effective procurement, contracting and supply chain capabilities. We’ll assess your current situation, provide spend and gap analysis, build and operate the necessary processes, relationships, and tools to reduce time and spend.  

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Capital spend management
  • Contract Management
  • Supplier Performance Management
  • Procurement Process
  • Contract Templates
  • Inventory and Logistics
  • Organization and Staffing
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Back Office

Are you running your company with spreadsheets and Word documents? Blue Burro will find ways to replace manually intensive processes with simple, easy-to-learn solutions.

  • Sales Order Entry
  • Contracts Processing and Management
  • Inventory
  • Sales Commissions
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Organization and Staffing

Front Office

Blue Burro will make your customer on-boarding process simple and painless. We’ll help identify and streamline all the necessary steps to enable that first sale and wow new customers. This often involves:

  • Information Collection
  • Client Intake
  • Invoicing & Initial Payment Collection
  • Document Creation and Execution
  • Welcome Communications
  • Organization and Staffing
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Field Sales and Service

Need to optimize your field operations? Whether sales or field services, we innovate new approaches, eliminate wasted time and put the focus on where it should be: getting and keeping customers. 

  • Field sales
  • On-location services 
  • Mobile order entry
  • Sales and service contracting
  • Fleet management
  • Organization and Staffing

Your single-source for Cloud IT Solutions

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For an Exceptional Portfolio of Cloud Solutions.

Team Collaboration


Enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere and staying up-to-date with your team. 


File Sync and Secure Sharing


What if files could be openly shared, yet fully secure? What if scaling too fast was an opportunity, not an issue? That’s what Box is all about. 


Enjoy the secure file sharing and storage solution that employees love and IT admins trust.


Create and collaborate in a single platform, on any device. 


Document Assembly and Forms Management


No more cut and paste errors, no more bad handwriting, no more wasted time re-formatting documents. Enter information once and it appears across all templates.

Create custom mobile apps to serve your business needs and access up-to-date information on the go. 

Make your form templates “smart” by automating calculations, pre-filling form data sources, capturing GPS information and more.


Financial Management


Time tracking is simple and lightning fast with Harvest. Set up takes seconds, and there’s nothing to install. 


Accounting software with all the time-saving tools you need to grow your business. 
Xero is always secure and reliable and our experts are here to support you 24/7.



Custom Platform Development

A cloud-based platform that automates the complexity of moving enterprise apps to mobile, cloud and social. The team at MoNimbus is dedicated to delivering an intelligent and customized enterprise app experience anytime, anywhere on any device in real time, and low cost,  to bring better business results.



Web Site Design

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Template web design that will create a beautiful, fully-functional website for your business. Let us help you with customization features.