What's New in draftonce?

three types of conditional statements

Now you have more control over what appears in your document and when. We know that things are never simply yes or no, so draftonce now handles more complex document assembly logic including multi-choice conditionals and dependent conditionals. Combined, these new conditional fields can handle just about any type of document complexity you can think of. 


improved outside user notifications

Stay in-the-loop with the new notification system. Select the information you want included on the emails when an outside user (e.g. your customer) completes an interview. You'll get an email with just the information you want and a link directly the interview.  


updated security badge settings

We heard that some users want more reassurance that draftonce communications are encrypted, so now you can turn on "the SSL badge." Go to Preferences, General Settings and click "Display SSL Seal on end-user interface."


better handling of Numbers & calculation fields

We've improved the way draftonce handles numbers, so users can use thousands separators, currency symbols and draftonce will still recognize the number when performing calculations. Want to really push the calculations, we've seen it done. Some of our users have their sales people using draftonce to prepare sales orders with custom service contracts producing both the order form and customized service contract.