Our Guarantee: 
You get our team's energy, experience, intelligence and devotion and you will realize ROI.

Many companies sell technology and there are many consulting firms. We've never fit neatly into either category. We don’t just sell solutions nor cookie cutter consulting. Our mission is to deliver incredible innovation to each of our clients.

The key to any successful business is innovation—how fast, how effective. While most innovation is focused on revenue streams, we focus on expense streams. Creating strategic value where there was only increasing expenses; working with your employees, suppliers and partners rethinking and innovating, testing and proving. Our results are measurable, meaningful, and they will make a difference in your business, the lives of your employees and your customers.   


Blue Burro is led by its founders, Erin and Chris Martoglio. Erin is an an attorney, business consultant, and writer, who cofounded Blue Burro to help companies leverage today's technologies in creating great contracts and RFPs. Co-creator of, Blue Burro's document assembly tool, Erin bridges the space between developers and business owners, between in-house counsel and procurement, and between buyers and suppliers to ensure technology doesn't just automate existing processes, but re-invents them. In addition to leading Blue Burro, Erin practices law at Freitag & Martoglio, LLC, focusing on business transactions, corporate procurement, contracts, and real estate. She is an advisor to startups, large corporations, investors, and governments. 

Chris has helped over 200 companies and governments in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe and APAC innovate how they work to extract value from their operations. Working in industries from advertising to nuclear utilities, Chris helps organizations re-envision new ways of working, implement innovative technologies, dramatically reduce costs, and create motivation for change.